Making Connections
Rogue Partners offers quality cheese and dairy products from Wisconsin, the leading producer of cheese in the U.S. We select only the finest producers of hormone-free cow, sheep, and goat products from farmers practicing pasture-grazing. The cheese process is conducted under the highest standards and exceeds global health standards.


Rogue Partners is the "international department" for several small and medium-sized companies and increases their sales by developing markets outside the U.S. We also work with larger companies to complement their current efforts by leveraging our strength in certain geographic areas where they do not have a presence.

International Buyers

Rogue Partners is your one-stop shop for the finest cheeses available! Order from our world class selection of organic, hormone-free dairy products your customers will love. Our unique system allows you to receive a wider variety of product more frequently, keeping shelf at a maximum and improving sell-through. Save money by completing your order with our premium quality food service and commodity cheeses.

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